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Our Guarantee

We guarantee, we are with you in protecting your home - from Day 1.


As you have surely noticed in your search for pest control companies, there are several types of guarantees. Some even offer limited or lifetime guarantees after a full restoration is performed.

What isn’t realized by most, is that within the fine print of these guarantees, the most expensive and common items needing replacement are excluded, and it may require an annual fee.

For example, roof returns (eaves) are the most exploited entry point for animals and are the main items damaged during a roof replacement. Since man-made damage is not covered under any guarantee, you are stuck paying full price again for replacement.

We at B3 Pest Solutions believe in a straightforward approach to our solutions and guaranteeing them. We provide a 1-year guarantee on all exclusionary work performed beginning the date of the last visit for initial services. After the first year, we provide a lifetime price-lock on any future services. This is more than sufficient as most re-infestations will take place within six months of treatment simply due to breeding cycles. So, if an area is weak or was overlooked previously, it will be exploited long before your guarantee expires. The chances of re-infestation after a year are highly unlikely, and because of this, we see no reason to continue to collect an annual payment for services that are not required.

All services after the first year are reduced by 50% and never increase. For example, the cost to re-seal the eaves after receiving a new roof would be full, current market price under a lifetime guarantee with our competitors, and 50% of the original cost under our guarantee. So, instead of paying an annual fee for years only to pay full price for items that are clearly out of your control, you would simply pay 50% when you actually need it.

Protecting a company’s interests is most certainly important for success, but never at the cost of integrity.

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